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since ever we just have been dreaming through science fictions movies of drinking coffee while our car is driving us towards our destination. But not for a very long time, this is just a dream. There are now various companies manufacturing flying cars including BMW Autonomous Driving car leading in the race.

To provide best services, BMW engineers and technicians have been working on the drivers’ assistance system. As a result, the BMW industries has introduced 5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car.

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5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car

5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car

As I mentioned earlier, BMW experts have defined the 5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car. Each step describes the extent to which the car performs tasks and responsibilities on the behalf on its driver. Besides, it also defines the interaction between the car and the driver. So, here the 5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car.

1. Driver Assistance

In fact, all BMW vehicles feature level one automation while some even offer level two. The current BMW Personal Co-Pilot driver assistance system supports the drivers on the road and helps to ensure additional safety and comfort on time of driving.

Examples include the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function. The Stop & Go independently adjusts the distance to the car in front of you. Then, there is the Collision and Pedestrian Warning along with City Brake Activation. This avoids collisions to the automatic braking.

5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car
The safety-auditing institute Euro NCAP Standard awarded this BMW feature as a ground-breaking innovation in the area of accident prevention and passenger to the protection by giving it the Euro NCAP Advanced Award.

2. Partly Automated Driving

Functions that make partial automation possible are already a reality and installed in the latest BMW’s on the street. Autonomous driving assistance systems, such as the Steering and Lane Control the Assistant including Traffic Jam, make daily driving much easier to work. They can brake automatically, accelerate. Unlike level 1, they take over steering on the autonomous mode.

5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car

3. BMW Emergency Stop Assistance

BMW’S presented the smart emergency stop assistance as the smart senior research project. In this emergency situation, this induced to help the health of the driver. The vehicles will switch to an autonomous mode driving and safety executes in area and park in a safe area.

5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car

4. Full Autonomous ( No Driver )

Unlike levels 3 and 4 are “Full Automation” of level 5 is where true autonomous driving becomes a reality. Drivers do not need to be fit to drive and do not even need to have a license. The car performs any and all driving tasks with no any cockpit.

Thus, everyone in the car is a passenger. Cars at this level will require to meet stringent safety demands, and will only drive at relatively low speeds within populated areas. They are also able to drive on highways. Initially, they will only be used in defined areas of city centers, however.

5 Steps To Thea BMW Autonomous Driving car


With its BMW Track Trainer research project, BMW Group followed the ideal line while driving on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 2006 and other race circuits. BMW Track Trainer is currently being deployed in BMW Driver Training to give participants a direct sensation of the driving experience And it laid the foundation stone for BMW Active Assist.

5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car


Hope, you will learn about the5 Steps To The BMW Autonomous Driving car. Thanks for the anticipation. Stay with us to know more about the BMW Autonomous driving car. Besides, you might also be interested in Tesla Company From Scratch To $2.2 Billion Of Worth.

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